Why Your Car Needs Maintenance

Like all machines, cars need some care too to make them last longer. Why would you spend more money on repairs if you could follow the maintenance interval at a cheaper price? Car maintenance will enable you to spot and solve problems before they become too serious and expensive to solve.

Battery Failure

Battery failure is quite common. An unused car can even have a faulty battery because of lack of use. That’s why it’s important to take the vehicles to car servicing in Singapore for scheduled car maintenance. What causes battery failure besides lack of use? It could be the age or changes in the temperature. Normally, batteries only have a lifespan for up to 7 years. The demand on the battery can be exhausting especially with modern cars that require power for different functions besides the lights and wipers.

You will know if you need to take the car to a car servicing shop if the headlights dim or go out suddenly. Other problems, such as the failure of electric windows to function or if the radio doesn’t turn on, also indicate that the juice on the battery is running low. Keep in mind that the battery level should be above 12 volts. If not, take the car to a car workshop before serious problems come up. Car servicing will also check the straps as well as remove any corrosion and deposits.

Failing Lights

Failing lights could potentially be risky especially when you’re driving at night or driving through narrow spaces. Make it a habit to check all the car lights once a week as part of your car maintenance. You should also check if everything is working correctly when you start the car. Ask a family member or a friend to check the front lights and rear lights with you. Most modern cars sold in Singapore have daytime running lights or DRLs which should turn on automatically when you start the car. Inspect everything from the indicators, the sidelights, headlights, foglights, brake lights, reversing lights and plate light.

Faulty Brakes

When the brakes are not working properly it could be caused by a specific problem or a combination of factors. You can check for problems at a reliable car workshop here in Singapore when you’re driving or when your car is parked. The first thing you should do is do a visual check of the brake pads. The brake disc, which is attached to the wheel have brake pads held in place by callipers. The pads press against the disc so that the wheel doesn’t turn. If the brake pads have worn out, they need to be replaced.

Take the car to a car workshop to have them replaced. You might also ask that the small metal in the pad be changed if it’s also worn out. You will know it needs changing if the brakes squeal, the brake pedal is soft or spongy, the car pulls to the right or left whenever you brake, there is slow response when you try to brake, or if it feels that something is pulsing when you brake. Don’t ignore these signs and have them checked at the nearest car servicing in Singapore immediately.

Low Tire Pressure

Perhaps the most common problem among drivers who don’t regularly do a car maintenance is that they need to stop in the middle of a trip to change tires. Make it a habit to inspect the tires before you drive. All the tires should have enough air pressure and the rubbers are not worn out. The correct air pressure is indicated in the user’s handbook. You should see a value next to the kPa or PSI.

Look for wear, cuts, inflation, cuts in the tread (the tread are the tracks or patterns of grooves on the tires), bulges and items that may have been trapped in the grooves. Have the valve caps replaced if they are leaking or are missing. Take the vehicle to the nearest car servicing for wheel alignment and balance as well. Taking it to the car repair after accidents will cost more, not to mention the additional medical fees.

Car Rust

Rust can potentially damage not just the way your car looks but even its efficiency. As your car will harbor water and moisture over time, inspect the underside of the car to look for rust. You can also pull up the carpet in the interiors or inspect the area around the doors. Rust usually begins with discoloration and a formation of bubbles on the paint.

You can also run your hand over the paint to look for imperfections. Don’t let the rust spread until it’s too late. It could damage the car parts and make it unsafe for driving. Take the car to a car workshop for car repair if you find any indications that there is rust. Regular car servicing in Singapore can also spot rusts before they become a major issue.

Low Oil and Fluid Levels

Your car depends not just on fuel to run, it also needs other fluids to maintain temperature, for lubrication and for providing a power source. Checking the oil level should be easy to do. The engine oil needs to be replaced once in a while, but check the car’s manual for recommendations. Make sure that the coolant, antifreeze, power steering, wiper fluid are also normal.

Other modern cars have warning lights on the dashboard to remind you that a certain fluid needs replacement or is running low. Remember to let the car engine cool down before inspecting anything. If you don’t know how to top up fluids, take the car to the nearest car servicing in Singapore. They could also check for leaks. Do not mix fluids by yourself because you could be doing more damage by doing so.

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