What You Need to Know About Self-Filling Water Bottles

You like trekking or hiking. It looks like you hiked or trekked every possible location here in Singapore. It is time that you consider other locations. Before you head out, there are many things that you need to ensure to make your travel smooth and with ease. First you need to plan and as much as possible, you should always have a buddy.

After the planning, the next crucial thing is packing. When trekking or hiking, you are often told to pack lightly. You do not want extra baggage because it will slow you down. In order to keep up with the group, you have to choose your things carefully. Packing is easy but actually carrying it is the biggest struggle of them all especially if you will ensure your water loads.

You need lots of water to replenish the body. Without it, you will die of dehydration. Good news though, there is a company (a startup one still in crowdsourcing phase) that is on the process of manufacturing a self-filling water bottle. The water bottle will be called Fontus and it will be available in the market soon. 

For the adventurers out there, this is the answer to their heavy loads whenever hiking or trekking. Fontus can also serve as your steady supply of safe water. From the description, it is a self-filling water bottle which means it can replenish water while you are trekking, hiking, camping, sailing or even climbing. How is this possible? The device is designed to catch the moisture which is just in the air. It will condense it and then store it for drinking later.

On top of the bottle there is a small fan that has the capacity to draw the air from the environment. The air will then run through a superior filter and then compresses it to the condensation chambers. There are also small coolers that can carry the moisture to condense. After the process, there will be water drops which are stored in the main body of the bottle.

Aside from proving Fontus to adventurers, the company is also aiming to bring this technology to drought-stricken regions. This alternative way of gathering water can help a lot of communities out there. The company is still inviting for backers with only 561 enlisted and less than 31 days before the end of their campaign. Those who backed their campaign are assured shipping of Fontus in April 2017. The price of Fontus will be $165.

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