Three-Step Guide to Being Confident During Intimidating Situations

A meeting with your boss; a huge presentation in a room filled with accomplished professionals; a pitch to ask some funding for your new business. These are instances when you want to be in your most confident state, but there are some problem: You’re sweaty palmed, shaky-kneed, and extremely intimated. Perhaps you’re wondering how you’ll hold your own in a room that seems incredibly daunting. Well, worry no more because we’re listing down the top three ways on how you can hide your jitters with your confidence.


  1. Give Yourself Its Much Needed Pep Talk

You know it’s too easy to get in your head when you’re overthinking about a nerve-wracking situation. But instead of boosting your confidence, you end up nit-picking all of the things that might go wrong.

Well, this is the time when you need to step back, and give yourself some pep talk. Remind that no matter how intimidating some people seem, they’re still human. They’re not perfect, and it doesn’t matter how many things they’ve accomplished. So stop pressuring yourself to be perfect when in front of them, since it’ll only make you feel even more intimidated.

  1. Ask Some Questions

Carrying your side in a thoughtful conversation can be tough when you’re feeling overwhelmed. This is because your stomach is flipping over and over, and your thoughts are swirling out of place. Instead of stressing out on how you can craft eloquent responses, try asking questions to show your conversational partner that you’re engaged and interested.


Just remember though that this trick isn’t applicable in situations, such as presentations or job interviews. When it comes to networking events and meetings, however, it can be an effective method to ease your nerves and establish some rapport.

  1. Keep Your Body Language in Check

Your nonverbal cues often speak more than the words that are coming out of your mouth. You may have the a well-rehearsed and polished spiel, but if you say it while rocking back and forth, staring at the ground, or while biting your lip, then your body will convey otherwise.

So no matter how nervous you’re currently feeling, do your best to maintain eye contact with the other person, stand tall, and make hand gestures away from your body. If your situation warrants it, consider smiling. It won’t just make you look more self-assured, it’ll also make you feel more approachable to other people.

We all have to face situations where we feel incredibly intimidated. So learn how to hide your jitters away, and present yourself as confident and poised using this three-step guide.


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