Recommended Foods for Lactating Mothers

Mothers should not worry about lactation because the body produces hormones that can stimulate it. However there are times that breast milk supply is sluggish. This is the time that you take an intervention. The good news is that there are foods that you can eat to aid your lactating. You have to try it first before abandoning the idea of breastfeeding and introducing formula.

Here are the foods that you have to eat to stimulate milk production:


Water is not a food technically but you have to understand that it is the most crucial aspect of ensuring that you have enough milk supply for the baby. Most mothers forget to drink water which leads to their dehydration. It doesn’t mean that you have to drink gallons. You have to make sure that you adequately hydrated.


Not all mothers here in Singapore know for a fact that oatmeal is capable of building and maintaining the mother’s milk supply. Make sure that you are eating oats every day. Aside from building and maintaining milk supply, it can also aid low cholesterol and blood pressure regulation.


Salmon should also be included in your diet since it is filled with essential fatty acids and omega 3. These can be an important nutrition that can stimulate lactation hormones thereby producing more milk. You can steam it or boil.


If you are anaemic, spinach is an excellent food. It contains folic acid, iron and calcium which are beneficial for your and the baby. Eat spinach in moderation though as it can cause diarrhoea to babies.


Carrot juice can work wonders when you are having problems with your lactation. It contains vitamin A that can improve lactation and boost the milk quality. You can consume it raw or steamed.

Brown rice

It is time that you consider brown rice as it can give you extra energy. It has nutrients that can normalize your mood swings as well as appetite. It has been found out that it too can boost lactation. Note that it should be brown not the white rice.

Cow’s milk

Believe it or not a cow’s milk can boost your lactation. Cow’s milk contains essential fatty acids that can promote lactation. You should drink at least two to three glasses of cow’s milk every day.


Almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E and omega-3. Note that omega-3 can help with the promotion or boosting of hormones that stimulate milk production. If you want it to be effective, make sure to crush it and mix it with milk. You can also add it to your oat meal.

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