How to Be More Confident in Your Workplace

Lacking confidence at work is a common issue that most of us get to experience. You might be new to your company, or you’re doubting your ability to succeed – feeling all of these is just normal. Still, it’s important that you overcome these fears and regain the confidence you need to advance on your career. Here, we’ve listed down some ways on how you can develop a healthy confidence level that will help you push through any challenges that you might face.


  1. Start Small and Slowly

One of the best ways to gain some confidence at work is to set some smaller goals and create realistic expectations. You can start by focusing and working on the things that you’re good at. Whether it’s proofreading, multitasking, using a specific computer program or working with people, make sure that you recognize your skill. Give yourself an assurance that you did a pretty good job at this one thing.

If a colleague asks for your help editing a paper, help him and inform him about your experience in editing articles. Remember that recognizing your areas of expertise will surely help in increasing your confidence level.

  1. Ask for Something That You Want

Learning how to ask for what you want is another way of developing self-confidence in the early years of your career. For timid individuals, the thought of doing it can be terrifying. Still, we can’t emphasize enough how important this is, most especially for women. Unlike them, men aren’t hesitant to ask for a title change or a raise, and they usually reap the benefits for doing so.

Most of the time, if you ask for something that you deserve, you’ll likely get it. So if you’ve been working hard for two years without receiving any raise, consider biting the bullet and asking for one. Sure, there’s a chance your boss will say no, but there’s also a good chance that he’ll say yes.


  1. Accept and Capitalize on Your Failures

Instead of mentally berating yourself for your failure, learn to accept it and think that it happens to everyone. Confident individuals don’t spend too much time wallowing on their failures. Instead, they fix the problem and learn from it. So the next time your boss gives you a negative feedback on a project, don’t feel bad about it. Just admit your mistake and move forward.

Also, when someone takes their time to give you a constructive criticism, appreciate it. That just means that they’re invested in you, and they trust that you’ll be able to do it right the next time. The more you accept your failures and take it less personally, the stronger you’ll be in the years to come.

  1. Learn to Say Yes

The simplest way to develop a healthy confidence level is to fake it until you make it. However, this doesn’t mean lying about your skills or being boastful and arrogant. It’s about having enough belief in your abilities to see that a new task isn’t that far from your grasp. The more you believe in yourself, the more others will believe in you.

Developing confidence at work isn’t really that difficult. All you’ve got to do is believe in yourself and learn from your mistakes, and you’ll well be in your way to the road to success.


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