Homemade Baby Food Recipes

During the formative years of your kid, it is crucial that you feed him/her with the most nutritious food you could ever lay hands. He/she needs all the nutrients. There are two options here – ready-made foods or homemade. If you choose ready-made foods, make sure that you read the label. Homemade foods are kind of challenging but at the end of the day, you will be assured that they are safe and healthy.

If in this case you decided to make baby food personally, you have to know different recipes. Babies love variety and creativity. The good news is that there are many baby food recipes that you can whip. Finding the ingredients are not that hard too because here in Singapore, everything is available. So, what are some recipes that you should try?

  • Pasta soup: Soup is a great way to start the meal. In this pasta soup, you can adjust it according to the taste of your baby. If you think he/she doesn’t like pasta, you can choose to add mashed carrots, spinach, bits of turkey or chicken and then broccoli. To make the soup base, consider a chicken broth.


  • Orange puree: This puree constitutes yam and carrots. To make this, you need to cut a yam and carrot into chunks. Put the chunks in a pot and boil it for at least 25 minutes until they are tender. If you have food processor, drain and puree it until they are smooth.


  • Friendly beef: Beef is an excellent source of B vitamins, iron and protein. Your initial concern is digestion. If you want it to be easily digestible, you should choose lean cut. If you can, look for an organic beef. Organic beefs provide high omega-3 fats. You can broil the beef and then chop it before putting to the food processor and make it a puree.

  • Peaches with cheese: If your kid’s favorite fruit is peaches, you have to take advantage of that. Dice a very ripe peach and put cottage cheese on it – voila you have peaches with cheese. Your kid will surely enjoy it.


  • Squash puree: Squash is good because it is easy to digest plus filled with beta carotene, vitamins A and C, fiber and other minerals. You need an oven and preheat it to 400F. After putting it in the oven for twenty minutes, you can then toss it in a blender or food processor.


  • Warm cereal: At a young age, your baby should appreciate the value of whole grains. Try warm cereal. You need barley. Put the barley in the blender and make sure it is reduced to powder. Prepare the boiling water and slowly pour the powder.

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