Cheap Gemstone Jewelry for a Tight Budget

Want to get a new pair of earrings on your birthday or a new ring for your wife? Diamonds aren’t the only precious stones in the market. There are a lot of cheap but beautiful alternatives to expensive gemstone jewelry.

Sapphire is well-known as one of the 12 birthstones and is valued for its durability and intense blue color variety. It comes in a lot of colors, however, including the color-changing sapphire.

Tiger’s Eye
This yellow and brown gemstone is formed through a combination of a mineral called crocidolite and the quartz. Collectors will love the patterns and stripes on the stone.

Tanzanite is rare because it’s found only in one region on Earth, Tanzania. This gemstone is also one of the 12 birthstones and is a symbol of the 24th wedding anniversary.

Another birthstone, amethyst is known for its purple color. The deep purple types are the most expensive varieties.

Chrome Diopside
Although prone to scratches, it’s a cheap alternative to emeralds because of its rich green color. It also comes in black, yellow and brown varieties.

Rose Quartz
If you love pink and can’t afford the rare pink diamonds, rose quartz is just as beautiful.

Chrome Tourmaline
This variety of tourmaline is found only in the East African region. If you want to find a gemstone with a deep and intense green color, then this is the one for you.

Citrine is considered a rare gemstone. It’s a type of quartz with traces of iron from which its yellow color comes from. Ask the jeweler if the citrine is a treated amethyst or not before purchasing.

Rubelite Tourmaline
Love rubies? Although not related to rubies, rubellite tourmaline offers an alternative to collectors. They are rare and come in a range of different reds.

Jewelry collectors love the patterns and colors on the agate. Collecting them can be an addictive hobby without having to go broke.

Sunstone Gem
Sunstones can be transparent or translucent. They are valued for an optical phenomena called aventurescence. Looking at sunstone in different angles under light can produce flashes.

This is a type of chalcedony that is opaque. It usually comes in earthy colors like brown, yellow and red. Collectors will love jasper’s colors and patterns.

White Zircon
White zircon is a beautiful substitute for colorless diamonds. When cut expertly, they can even rival the diamond in their brilliance.

Hematite is prized for its metallic luster. The name comes from the Greek word for “blood,” which describes the red color from the iron oxide.

Goshenite Beryl
This type of beryl is usually colorless or white. It could be another substitute for a diamond ring.

Its solid black color looks stunning. It also has a banded black and white variety perfect for a centerpiece in a ring or necklace.

This gemstone is popular as an amulet and is prized in many ancient cultures. Its sky blue color and different patterns are still worth collecting.

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