A Beginner’s Guide to Brightening Your Home

You found your house dull and boring. What is the quickest fix that you can grab on? Of course, paint! Without paint, what would life be. The good news is that there are many available hues in Singapore these days. In fact, you are given the chance to mix your own and find the best colour that fits you well.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab that brush and get started! But wait, have you considered some tips? Here are some that you will find helpful:

Mirror nature

There is no doubt that a picture of nature can give you soothing and calm feeling. You can choose to mirror it through choosing a vibe. For example, if you want a beachside vibe, you can choose shades of sea glass, sand and surf for your furniture, paint and lighting fixture.

Framing the view

Try putting emphasis on the world outside by framing your view. Instead of painting your window frames white or neutral colours, why not try bolder ones like yellow? It will surely look nice plus it can draw someone’s attention to the world.

Put some patterns

Your space may be boring because of the usual plain things. This time, why not consider patterns – riot of them! You do not need to think what patterns match something. You just whip it all together and see how cool it can be.

Putting life on the floor

You think that beautifying the space only talks about the wall and ceiling. Sometimes the floors are overlooked and ignored. That is not fair. You have to think about your floor as it can bring an overall feel of your space. Try wide stripes if you must.

Disguise bricks

Homes here in Singapore do not have fireplace since there is no winter but for the sake of having it, some homes have. If you decided to remove it, you shouldn’t worry because you can actually make it blend with surrounding walls. You just need to paint it with say a refreshing aqua then will the gaps with books. It will surely look good.

Windowless rooms

Windows are important but if your room doesn’t have one, you should at least put a mirror and then paint your walls with peach so it has this natural light glow.

Now that you know some tricks to brighten your home, you have to learn how to properly care for it. Do not forget to clean it always.

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