5 Telltale Signs Your Air Conditioner Might Need Replacing

Regardless of any time of the year, you can expect Singapore’s weather to be humid, hot, or rainy. The warmer conditions that SG is currently experiencing is due to the influence of the El Nino and the lurking presence of dry and warm air mass on the region. Hence, it’s not uncommon for everyone to rely on their sunscreens, a fashionable hat, ice cold beverage, and an air conditioning unit especially when summer approaches.

Comfortable living
An air conditioning unit can make just about any life more comfortable when temperatures soar. However, your AC system can’t act flawlessly throughout the rest of time. There will come a point you’ll need to seek professional aircon servicing, a service that is well-experienced in aircon repair and aircon maintenance.
Maybe you’ve noticed the red flags but decided to turn a blind eye over the matter. If your AC unit doesn’t seem to run or cool as efficiently as it used to, you might want to have your system checked. Keep in mind that all appliances won’t last forever. A regularly-serviced air conditioner is also likely to last much longer than a unit that is not. Though of course – this all depends on the climate and how often you use it.

Cost efficient
A well-maintained AC unit by aircon master in Singapore will also save you from making unnecessary purchases for another unit. Air conditioning units in Singapore costs about a couple of hundred dollars – whereas aircon servicing only cost roughly around $30 per unit. Undoubtedly, maintaining your air conditioning unit regularly will give you good financial savings.
It is also encouraged to consider that even a well-maintained unit of certain age is likely to run into problems. There are telltale signs to indicate your unit needs some tinkering. After recognizing any of the signs, it’s better to immediately seek for a aircon servicing professional and see if repair is an option. If not, then it’s time to start browsing for a replacement unit.

Here is a compiled list of common tell-tale signs which indicates your AC unit might need repairing/replacing:

1. Diminished air flow
Your unit has diminished airflow when there is little to almost no cool air coming out of the vents during operation. A massive decrease in air flow could be a sign that your unit’s compressor is nearing its end. If you’ve set the thermostat to a reasonable temperature but your room/home is still considerably warm – your system may not be working at its optimum level. It’s advised to check your filters first, but also consider the likelihood of getting a new unit.

2. Inconsistencies in air temperature
If your AC system is blowing cold or hot air which is inconsistent to your set temperature settings, then it’s best to consider it an issue/problem to resolve. It is likely to produce regular air levels still, but if the air is not as hot or cold as your designated setting, then something is wrong. Accordingly, if your unit stops producing cool air entirely – it’s time to conduct a little investigation and find the cause of the problem.

Inconsistent temperatures can be a sign of trouble. If your unit continues to produce inconsistent air, check the filters, condensation drains, valves, and coils for a possible air flow obstruction.

3. Leaks and excess moisture
For the most part, your unit should stay completely dry when it’s not in use. If there’s moisture inside the house despite the AC unit being turned off, or a leak and sudden surge in condensation – consider getting it checked by an aircon servicing professional in Singapore or replacing your air conditioner entirely. This is urgent as soon as you notice necessary signs for safety reasons; since water and electrical components aren’t exactly a good combination.

Seeking the help of a service technician enables you to pinpoint the source of the leak and informs you if it’s best and most cost-effective to consider buying a new unit instead.

4. Strange noises
Perhaps the most noticeable sign that your AC unit may have technical issues is the emission of strange noises. Generally, a fully-functioning unit operates almost silently. If you know your air conditioning unit well, you will be familiar with the little sounds it emits as it cycles – hence you can distinguish certain noises different from the norm.

Minor noise changes can indicate the need for little repairs (such as a loose part, dirt-clogged internal mechanism) while more stranger noises such as grinding, screeching, ticking, or buzzing can suggest a serious problem that requires entire unit replacement.

5. Unusual odors
The same way goes for unusual smells. If your AC unit is giving off a bad odor, it might indicate an urgent problem that needs resolving as soon as possible. It may suggest that your unit’s insulation is damaged, or ductwork has been infiltrated with mold. Accumulated mold, mildew, or dirt inside your AC unit may circulate contaminated air around the room/house. Don’t ignore the unusual odors since it may potentially cause health issues for your family.

These strange odors may simply be caused by a worn-out filter which needs replacing. To be sure, contact an air conditioning service technician nearby and have your unit assessed. It pays to be vigilant and meticulous in this day. However, if the smelling continues even after part replacement and other tinkering – it might be best to consider buying another unit to replace it.

Note: This list is compiled in no particular order.

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