5 Shower Habits That’s Giving You Acne Problems

Obviously, we to keep ourselves clean and keep our skin blemish-free. But what if shower ritual is causing you more harm than good, like causing acne problems?

Don’t worry; it’s not like telling you to stop showering. Instead, we pinpoint some of the most common shower habits that could be causing your acne problems. Here are some of them.


  1. You’re Showering Too Frequently

Take not gym rats: More than one shower a day can irritate your skin, according to dermatologists. To ensure you keep yourself clean without irritating the skin, choose only one shower a day—in the morning, before bed or after workout.

  1. You’re Using the Wrong Shampoo or Conditioner

If you haven’t jumped into the organic-haircare bandwagon yet, your shampoo and conditioner are also suspects for your terrible back acne. Shampoos with sulphate in them can trigger back acne if not rinsed off properly. And to help lock in your hair’s moisture, a lot of drugstore conditioners use quate, which puts your hair in place as you go about your day. However, when these chemicals cling onto your skin, it can clog the pores and cause the development of acne.

  1. You Over-Exfoliate

Of course, it’s necessary to exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, but overdoing so can cause negative effects on the skin. To exfoliate without damaging your skin, remember that less is more. When you start noticing dryness and redness, your skin is overly scratched and is likely stripped off of its natural oil.


  1. Your Showering With Water That’s Either Too Hot or Too Cold

To get the right temperature, know that cold water shrinks the pores, which restricts secretion of dirt and acne-causing bacteria, and hot water opens the pores and encourages excessive production of sebum, which leaves the skin prone to acne and irritation. The best strategy is to shower with lukewarm water to get the balanced benefits of hot and cold.

  1. You’re Using Hard Water

According to dermatologists, water from the tap is hard in most areas of Singapore, meaning full of hard metals that inhibits beneficial effects of cleansers. To minimize the hardness of water, a water filter can be used. This eliminates all—or at least majority—of heavy metals, allowing skin products to take effect in preventing acne and breakouts.

This list of shower habits may change the way you take a bath for good, and it’s totally fine. Your skin is the largest organ you have, and it greatly depends only on you to keep it looking healthy and youthful.


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