3 Great Features of Zelta 3D

Technology always surprise us with its latest products and innovations. These end results of technology gives us the convenience and ease to help us in our works. A great example of it is 3D printing which Zelta 3D, a Singapore-based company offers. 3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing that’s a procedure of creating a 3D solid piece coming from a chosen digital file. It is done with the additive methods completed by putting layers of the materials up until the whole piece is finished.

Microworkshops is the company aiming to provide the best quality of 3D printing. They are able to do this by different ways they make sure to deliver with excellence. Here are the ways that their company accomplish to get that aim:

Range of Superior Services

The people working for Zelta 3D offers different services to provide more choices for their customers. They have the FDM, SLS, and SLA technologies. With these three distinct and great technologies, they are able to print the exact model appropriate to the design their customers will give. They can offer too the products and in-house CAD design and on-print on-demand service customised for quick prototyping.

These services will definitely fit for any person who likes digital sculpting. In addition these will be ideal too for everyone who wants to see a prototype first of the design they created on papers. Who wouldn’t love to see a 3D output of the design they have just recently finished? It will allow any person to see the next level of their concepts and creations. This company will be of a great help since they can bring new depths to the design.

Various Materials

Zelta 3D doesn’t rely only on a single material for their production. They have several materials which helps the customers to select the most suitable one for their project regardless of the factors they’ll use. Whatever purpose or how much is the budget of the customers, this company will be able to make them have the best choice without sacrificing the quality or the allocated money of the customers.

Their company creates the 3D printing pieces with materials such as liquid resin, PLA, wood composites, powdered nylon, silicone, metal composites and flexible rubber. PLA is the highest quality filament; it’s durable, light-weight and can be mixed with any colour. The metal composites can be copper fill, bronze, and brass; it’s strong, heavy, and polishes smoothly.   There is also the polymer resin gold utilised for standard printing. Silicone can be used for small batch production.

Affordable prices of the superior services

Zelta 3D desires to serve more customers, hence, they want to give economical prices for their superior quality of services. In their price quotation, the consultation for the choice of material and the machine to be used are already included. Furthermore, the manufacturability checking is also part of the price. The set-up fees are charged for only £3. The STL editing is included too.

The turnaround time for the 3D printing pieces to be finalised is from one to three days. It is noteworthy too that their company don’t charge to fast track prints. They have the corresponding experts too in the various printing technologies they offer. Needless to say, Microworkshops recognises the importance of the customers because they give what is the best which they absolutely deserve.

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